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Wine tastings & cellar tours

In order to discover your personal favourite among our magnificent wines, we invite you sincerely to a tasting. We will be happy to give you a tour of our wine-growers collective with its impressive wooden barrel cellar, which is among the largest in Germany.

Enjoy the unique silence, the spicy aroma, the romantic soft lighting and the historic ambience. Directly after the tour you may enjoy our wines in peace and quiet either in our tasting snug or in the cellar.

You may get to know the Ihringer vines in a special way with an individual tasting. We will be happy to organize a personal tour of the cellar for you and your friends with a tasting directly afterward.

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Discuss your wishes with me!
Corinna Schilling, Sommelière
Telefon: 07668 / 9036-27
Telefax: 07668 / 55 56

From Easter up to and including October we offer every Friday at 10 am a free, one-hour cellar tour including a glass of wine. We ask that you pre-register groups of ten and over.