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A large family

In 1924 around 200 Ihringer wine-growing families formed a collective due to economic hardship. Difficult years followed until an upswing began in 1936 with the construction of their own wine cellars. The wine-growing collective suffered a serious reverse when the wine press house and office building were completely destroyed in the Second World War. Yet the Ihringer wine-growers did not lose heart and rebuilt the collective bigger and better. The struggles of the first decades have more than paid off.

Today the Ihringer wine-growing collective, with its 650 members and 300 hectares of vine cultivation is among the most renowned in the Kaiserstuhl and in Baden. This is proven not least by numerous awards at national and international wine tastings.

If you are ever travelling in our beautiful region or spending your holidays in Ihringen, please visit us – it is worth it! We will be happy to give you a tour of our wine-growers collective with its impressive wooden barrel cellar, which is among the largest in Germany.

You may try and buy our wines during normal business hours in our wine shop. In addition you are able to order directly via our online shop at any time.

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